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Professional & Services
The fundamentals of professional service are simple; it's about talent people, understand customer requirement and it's about teaming to bring it all together to create and deliver values .


Managing a successful professional service is a challenging business that requires a delicate balance between structure, autonomy and a unique leadership style. Not to mention the enormous challenge of managing an organization of extremely smart and highly autonomous. It's definitely not a job for the faint of heart.

Our Vision
We believe in our capabilities of delivering quality to our clients because it is the company culture. We consider our customers as our partners and they are the dominant force and the reason to be. We bring our experience and expertise to win customer challenges and not only meet but also exceed customer expections and contribute to the success.

Service Delivery & Integrations

OpenStack is a cloud operating system "OS" that controls large pools of compute, storage, and networking resources throughout a datacenter. We offer the end-to-end solution in an OpenStack environment, service delivery and integration, platform support and trainings.

Infrastructure as code is the prerequisite for common DevOps practices such as version control, code review, continuous integration and automated testing. These practices get you to continuous delivery of quality software that pleases your customers.

ITSM best practices are intended to help organizations implementing and improving the management of their IT resources, infrastructure and services. Consequently, the community of interest includes all the ITSM and ITIL experts as well as the ITSM process owners, managers and users.

IT CLOUD Deployment & Integration

Do you need OpenStack ?

you do not want to lock yourself into a single public cloud vendor or you may be required to have complete control over your infrastructure.

Using OpenStack internally for development or testing services, for example, or for production, business critical or customer facing applications, requires a well defined SLA. For example, if you are using Openstack internally for dev/test, you can potentially afford some downtime for maintenance or even for complete re-deployment.

Openstack Benefits

Keep focus on Business and not in IT

OpenStack's orchestration and self-service capabilities offers developers and IT staff with faster and better access to IT resources. Because they can provision machines rapidly and on-demand, they can significantly reduce development and testing periods and have more time to focus on business.

Shorten Time To Market

Faster deployment of IT resources also means end users and business units no longer have to wait days or weeks to start using the network services and applications they need. In turn, they would be more capable of rolling out and completing projects earlier than before.

Boost scalability and enhance resource utilization

Although not as scalable as public clouds, OpenStack private clouds still offer a significant degree of scalability. You can still spin up and spin down servers on-demand. So, for example, if one department encounters a surge in demand for computing resources, IT resources may be temporarily redirected from other departments to the one that currently needs it the most.

devoid of vendor lockin

One major problem with using a proprietary solution is vendor lock-in. If you're not happy with the vendor's services or the vendor closes shop, you cannot easily hop on to the next. OpenStack supports a variety of proprietary technologies and can operate in a smorgasbord of hypervisor and bare metal environments. Its ability to work with commodity hardware gives you more flexibility in choosing solutions based on a wider range of costs and competencies.

Our advantages
We deliver innovative cloud technology for business. We come with our experience background also with our team which include the best resources as experts, consultants and infrastructure project managers to help you into your OpenStack deployment, development and integrations projects.

" We deliver innovative cloud for business outcome.

Dev-Ops Development and Operations

DevOps, Continuous Delivery - It's All About Automation

DevOps can turn your company from an silo-ed environment into well integrated and collaborated. DevOps is all about bringing all teams to communicate in a common language and terminology. DevOps culture emphasises on frequent deployment of a packaged products in shorter duration by automating the maximum of activities involved in development, build management, testing and deployment. Majority of enterprises adopting agile concept over the next five years will recognize the need for DevOps initiatives now.

Delivery faster with high quality

Increase reliability as you shorten delivery times so you can move fast and with confidence. We ensures consistency across dev, test and production environments so when changes happens, you know they're consistent and your systems are stable

Improve productivity and opertational efficiency

DevOps makes your business more agile, removing silos and increasing collaboration across teams. Automate your software delivery cycle, from core infrastructure through applications, with Dev-Ops, and you'll focus on work on projects that deliver more business value to your company.

" We enable you to adopt the best DevOps way of managing your IT infrastructure.

IT SM - IT Service Management

Why you need IT Service Management (ITSM)

Implementing effective IT Service Management helps deliver better services to internal and external customers, improve effiency, enhance visibility and reduces operation costs. The IT Service Management is now enough mature, thanks to ITIL v3 standard, which enable Information Technology department offering better quality of services, faster delivery with controlled costs.

With IT Service Management, what we can do?

Take the smart decision

- Leverage the power of Big-Data and learning machine to automate manual tasks guide your employees and agents for better productivity

Get better results and improve effeciency

- Consolidate your IT Services into one system which enable using proven ITIL best practices

Avoid surprises and enhance control

- Win the control of your IT services, who is doing what, how and when, move fast with easy deployment based on solution which keep you focus on your business and not in technology.

IT Services to serve business outcome

- The customer experience drive you to deliver high service quality and improving productivity. Your IT Services become customer centric which simplifies customer demands and automate as much as possible your processes.

Our Advantages

Digital IT

Consolidate and automate manual processes into a single system, modern, easy-to-use supporting Cloud.

Gain Control

Forget about non-structured and incomplete processes. We enable you to prioritize your work, a better aproach for quick-to-deploy based on ITIL best practices

Customer Centric

improve the effiency to align IT with business to be customer centric. Your strategy becomes driven by data.

" We enable you to setup new modern and digital IT Service Management .