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Nearshoring Partners : Low Risk, High quality , No Nonsense !


Nearshoring is one of outsourcing forms, in which an organization outsourcers its business processes to a partner who provides best services and reducing its cost. The main key point in this setup is proximity - similar cultural. Nearshore outsourcing offer better security and constancy along with lower cost. That's why nearshoring outsourcing can be a good alternative to offshore outsourcing. Organizations decide on nearshore outsourcing because it reduce risks and uncertainties compared to outsourcing work related to an offshore partner.

Exis builds its strategy on flexibility and close relations with the our customers. Sometimes we prefer to have face to face meetings. We are sure that one of our global offices is located close to your company. Moreover, nearshoring enables better data security. This model guarantees also cultural similarity - thanks to our multilingual workers employed in many countries, the language barrier ceases to be an obstacle. Our experience with customers on five continents help us understand the business in different parts of the world. Exis is a global company that acts locally.


The outsourcing of processes helps your company to optimize the existing cost structure and it allows you to save money. Before internal business branch can turn into a contract-oriented customer relationship through outsourcing. That's why the business structure becomes significantly more flexible: you can reduce operational cost and improve service efficiency. On top of this, the lack of expertise related to a non core activities which have big impact in your business brings you to outsouring.

Scope of IT outsourcing services

- Comprehensive support of existing IT infrastructure
- Support for application software and enterprise management systems
- Development and Implementation Services
- Project management and IT Consultancy


- There are excellent trained and professional staff - an ideal panorama for nearshoring
- The common understanding of professionality and requirements, best quality of work are pretty much alike
- The different time zones are marginal, usually not more than minus one hour (between Tunisia and Europe)
- A hudge number of excellent IT-students graduate in Tunisia North Africa countries every year. A perfect pool of competent remote staff.
- Tunisia is considered as one of the most important gate to navigate business through Africa.

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